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Brides Dress

One of the most stunning images in a wedding ceremony is the bride walking down the aisle in her brides dress. It remains to be anticipated moment for wedding guests. Although wedding attires have changed through time, the brides never failed to be the center of attraction in most weddings.

Queen Victoria wore an elegant white brides dress to her wedding with Albert of Saxe-Coburg sometime in 1840s. After photos of her wearing the white brides dress were published, women started wearing white dresses to their weddings. The white brides dress then became one of the most popular types of wedding dress, which may symbolise the brides purity.

The Japanese brides dress

Popular dresses women wear in Japanese culture are called "kimonos". Especially during ancient Japanese times, kimonos were worn all the time. Each of them may be worn based on the type of event or occasion. The kimono that the bride wears during a wedding is called the "uchikake". This brides dress may be rented out because of its high price.

The Chinese brides dress

In traditional Chinese belief, red is the color of good luck. Even in weddings, Chinese brides are known for wearing a red brides dress. In modern times, Chinese women may opt to wear white brides dress and later change into a red gown.

The Indian brides dress

India has a rich collection of cultures and traditions. The brides dress in the norther regions of India is usually coloured red or green. This is because red is the colour of prosperity, while green is said to be the the colour of fertility.

Buying a brides dress

There are a number of ways in which a couple may acquire a brides dress. For those who are on a tight budget, renting a brides dress can be an option. Some families may also pass on the brides dresses from one generation to another. Such is the case for mothers who ask their daughters or daughters-in-law to wear the same brides dress they used in their own wedding.

Soon-to-be-wed couples may also choose to purchase a ready-made brides dress. This is a good option for saving both time and money. They may also choose to have a brides dress that's tailor made to the bride. This way, the brides dress may fit the bride perfectly. Another popular option is to look through wedding magazines to get ideas on the design of the brides dress.